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About Dough by Mo

The face
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Howdy! My name is Morgan and I'm 25 years old.

I graduated from Texas A&M University with an Applied Math Degree and just recently (April 2020) quit my job as an actuarial analyst to pursue this business of mine full time!

I have a home based bakery that adheres to the Texas Cottage Food Laws

I made my first cookies in May of 2018 and soon after I started getting orders here & there, and now it's how I make a living!

Thank y'all for helping me turn this hobby into a business.

Keep your orders coming!

Pricing Tiers

Plain Cookies
  • No designs, just iced cookies
  • Some options available on shape of cookie
  • Up to three colors
  • $24 a dozen (with a dozen minimum!)
    Basic Set
  • Up to three designs
  • Up to three colors
  • Simple designs
  • Starts at $48 a dozen
    Upgrade ya
  • Up to six designs
  • Up to five colors, plus white
  • Includes metallics, florals, watercoloring, and simple logos
  • Starts at $55 a dozen
    Dazzle them
  • Up to ten designs
  • Up to ten colors
  • Includes metallics, florals, watercolors, and logos
  • Starts at $70 a dozen

    Other Info!

  • My cookies are vanilla sugar cookies with royal icing
  • I have a two dozen order minimum
  • They are for pick up only, in the West University area of Houston
  • Try to book a month or two in advance to make sure I can fit your order in!
  • I also host cookie classes, with a minimum of 6 people! Email me to discuss more!
  • 940-636-5970



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